Mohr Publicity Helps Fight Animal Cruelty: Success Story


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Video Promotion done by Mohr Publicity .

You can download and use this FREE Video Clip of this shot at These hermit crabs were painted to be sold as toys in the mall. protested this practice (with the help of Mohr Publicity) and the mall removed the crabs. Now this vendor only sells puzzles, guitars and other children’s toys.


This is the kiosk “after” we promoted video of the animal cruelty. Thank you Westfield Mall for helping animals by removing this cruel business.


Success! Westfield Mall Stops Selling Hermit Crabs as Toys


Details of the story below:
A shopper went to the Sherman Oaks shopping mall and saw a very colorful kiosk in the walkway. Usually these kiosks/vendors sell sunglasses or cell phones, etc. But this one had a big open sandbox full of colorful hermit crabs.Their shells were painted with logos and some of them has football helmets glued to their back. The idea was that these crabs would be sold as toys to kids.
Kids were reaching in and picking up the crabs. One baby dropped a crab onto the mall floor with a “CRACK.”
The shopper took out a piece of paper and I wrote, “This is Animal Cruelty” on it. When the kiosk attendant was not looking, the sign was put up at eye level on the side of the crab aquarium. Then a video was recorded the of the crabs, the sign and the business name called My Play Yard.
After about 2 weeks of trying to call and get the vendor removed, Mohr Publicity put the video on YouTube, promoted it to received about 100,000 views and many comments. It was titled the video “Westfield Mall: Animal Cruelty in Sherman Oaks, CA.” It ended up on page one of Google (when searching for Westfield Mall) within one day. Then, the Westfield Mall Corporate office in London was alerted to the video promotion and reacted immediately.
The following Saturday, no longer was the kiosk full of hermit crabs being treated like Matchbook Cars by kids. The kiosk was selling puzzles, guitars and toys. The shopper took a photo and it is posted above.
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